Battery Sharing

This “TIPS” article applies to proper battery cable connections of multiple batteries to share battery loads. Proper battery sharing is important and means just as the word sharing implies. Battery Group 1 in View 3 depicts two 12 volt batteries connected in parallel with load cables (B+ And Ground) properly connected.

Battery Group 2 in View 3 depicts four 6 volt batteries connected in series/parallel to make two 12 volt batteries with proper battery cable connections with respect to load sharing.

Battery Group 3 in View 3 depicts the same battery grouping as shown in battery group 2 with the batteries arranged differently.

Battery Group 4 in View 3 depicts one of the best methods of battery sharing when practical.

In View 4 You will see the same battery groups (Except Battery Group 4) connected incorrectly. When you look at the arrangement, it becomes obvious to many why the load sharing in not equal. Battery Sharing means you share the electrical load among batteries that make up a particular group.